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David Cardelús Architectural Photography  |  Barcelona



David Cardelús, photographer

Born in 1967 and raised in Barcelona, David majored in photography, film and video from Universitat de Barcelona Fine Arts School in 1991. His degree course work included painting, drawing and sculpture, as well as narrative, semiotics and communication. Other courses at the Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya included XIXth century photographic techniques and the photographic representation of the human body.

David has twice been placed as a finalist in the European Architectural Photography Prize Architekturbild, in 1995 and 1999, and his work has been shown at both the Photo España and Primavera Fotogràfica photo festivals.

David’s photographs of the Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners ‘Las Arenas’ Barcelona Project featured in the 2012 Civic Trust Awards. His architectural and fine art photographs have featured in two honorable mentions within the Buildings and Cityscapes categories of the 2013 International Photography Awards, sponsored by the Lucie Foundation.

Since year 2004, David has been lecturing on architectural photography at Universitat Pompeu Fabra ELISAVA school for graduates taking master degrees in interior design. The course analyses a wide range of architectural photographs and discusses their use as communication tools in books, magazines and blogs.

David is the author of a lecture about the relationship between photography, architecture, communication and added value presented in public at the 2016 International Conference Inter = Photography and Architecture organized by the Universidad de Navarra.

He is a member of the Unió de Professionals de la Imatge i Fotografia de Catalunya and constantly updates his photographic equipment, imaging software and skills in order to offer his clients the best of his professional abilities.

David lives in Barcelona’s lively and small Gràcia district.



Some clients

During a long professional career, David has worked for many different clients and many more use his imagery on their communications: they include renowned publishing and architectural firms, magazines, industrial and engineering companies, public corporations, hotels, museums and universities.



ACTAR Publishers
Advanced Leisure Services
Agustí Costa,  Estudi de Disseny
Alonso, Balaguer y Arquitectos Asociados
L’ Architecture d’ Aujourd ‘hui
Architectural Digest
Architecture Magazine
Architecture Today
A + U Japan
Arquitectura Viva
b720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos
Barcelona City Council | Urban Projects
BAU / Design College of Barcelona
Bienal de Arquitectura Española
Blanch & Conca Arquitectura
Casa Batlló S. L. U.
Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine
Coderch Archive
Condé Nast International
de Architect
Deutsche Bauzeitung
Diseño Interior
El País Semanal
ELISAVA / Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Ermenegildo Zegna
ESTO Photographics Inc.
Expedition Engineering
Fundació Hospital Santa Creu i Sant Pau

Gustavo Gili
Hesperia Hotels
Indissoluble Architects
Interior Design Magazine
Joan Pascual,  Architect
Josep Llinàs,  Architect
Josep Llobet,  Architect
LCI Barcelona | FD Moda
L35 Arquitectos
Laurence King Publishing Ltd.
Loft Publications
MAP Architects,  Josep Lluís Mateo
Martinez Lapeña & Torres,  Architects
Mies van der Rohe Foundation
Museu d’ Art Contemporani de Barcelona,  MACBA
Pei Cobb Freed & Partners,  Architects
Peter Marino Architect PLLC
Phaidon Press
President's Office | Government of Catalonia
Rafael Moneo,  Architect
Random House | Prestel Verlag
RCR Arquitectes
Ricard Mercadé & Aurora Fernández,  Architects
Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners,  Architects
Savills Aguirre Newman
Sectorlight Marketing & Design
Taschen Verlag
TeNeues Publishing Group
The New York Times




“Exaggerate the essential. Leave the obvious vague”.

vincent van gogh  |  dutch Artist



Some of the clients with whom David has had the immense privilege to work for have kindly allowed to publish the testimonials that you can read below.


 Agustí Costa  |  ARCHITECT

“It is twenty years now that David Cardelús photographs my works. During this time, his quality has never ceased to increase and there is a surprising harmony between my architecture formal values and the expression he obtains from. Sometimes his powerful abstractions seduce without sacrificing realism: his photographs are the result of his ability to highlight what is more remarkable eliminating what is superfluous".


Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners  |  ARCHITECTS

“David photographed Las Arenas in Barcelona with a great sensitivity for its context. His thorough research and preparation, as well as a his patience with some unseasonal weather conditions, resulted in some excellent images. We feel that his photographs capture the intent of the design and the spirit of the architecture beautifully".


Anna Gener  |  CEO Barcelona Savills Aguirre Newman

"David Cardelús photographs are of an exceptional quality, from my point of view, authentic artworks. I have been fortunate to collaborate with David on several occasions, so I can prove his great professionalism and solvency. He is a professional who makes the difference".


Gary gautier  |  managing director casa Batlló

“Helpful, attentive, committed, receptive, valid and professional in his field, it has always been a pleasure to work with David".


Mario Andruet  |  Antoni Gaudí Foundation

“One of our goals is to spread the work of Gaudí and we consider your work as very valuable for this purpose and therefore our recommendation".


giovanni Baiello  |  corporate store planning director ermenegildo zegna

“David has been able to understand and communicate with his photos the architecture design and to portray the unique spirit of a global and exclusive brand like Zegna. He successfully managed the assignment with a very professional attitude, on time and on budget".


Maria rosa vila  |  director of photography descobrir magazine

“I love your photos. The processing that you do is very personal, lively and vital and I like that a lot. These photos have your mark on personality, and that is fine !!”.


Roberto cruz niemiec  |  curator archatlas

“David Cardelús is passionate about his work, professional, dedicated, and knowledgeable about architecture and photography. From the first time I found his work to be authentic. In a time when the glut of information makes many photographers and architects rely on gimmicks and affectations Cardelús work shines because of its honesty. The building design, the spaces and light, its colors and details, come through on the images in a way that makes us feel like we are there. His recent series focused on Gaudi’s work has allowed me to really experience these projects for the first time, in images that are crisp and filled with light".


CNMC Building  |  Batlle & Roig  |  Barcelona

Olympus HQ Building  |  RCR  |  Barcelona



robert Fiehn  |  client & media coordinator rogers stirk harbour + partners 

“David is an excellent photographer and a pleasure to work with. He understands complicated architectural briefs in the blink of an eye and will produce an outstanding collection of photos with no on site supervision (if you are commissioning from abroad as I was). He will also go the extra mile to get the best shots, even if that means returning to a site again and again. He is a true professional".


josep llobet  |  architect

“Photographing my architectural projects by David is to recall and redraw them again. His warmth, tranquility and “savoir faire” and, ultimately, his human qualities make him a very close and friendly person. The materials used in my projects appear with a different and improved quality as seen through his camera. David cares with innate elegance for all the details that make projects more understandable and there are always new elements in his photographs that you discover the more you observe them, as if you undressed them.  I have worked with David for several years and it has always been a pleasure".


Architectes CH |  MAGAZINE

“According to David Cardelús, architectural photography is about lines, shapes, textures and colours. To fix the digital image that will draw the attention of lovers of architecture, all that is required is to organize these elements through the camera lens and to locate the light which optimizes the project. ( … )

Graphic vision and insight are among David Cardelús’s major qualities. He instinctively simplifies his images with maximum effect, reinforcing the power of his compositions through the simplicity of his lines. So it is hardly surprising that the photographer refers to the painters Mondrian, Rothko or Scully".



“In the world of architectural photographer David Cardelus, all his building photographs live in color and light. It should be no surprise since Barcelona, the home base of the photographer, boasts some of the very best light in the world. Add happy colors of an architect like Antoni Gaudí and you get perfect shots".


Pilar Delgado  |  Social Media Strategist  Casa Batlló

"David has shot several photography projects for Antoni Gaudi’s Casa Batlló and the truth is that the results have been very satisfactory. From the great photo of the facade covered with roses for 2016 Sant Jordi’s day that went around the world thanks to his great photographic work to photography series of the house interiors. It was really easy to work with him but, even more important, he was always a professional to trust because the results would be extraordinary. A pleasure, David, and let's work together again on more photo projects !".


Porta Fira Hotel  |  Toyo Ito  |  Barcelona

Zero Zero Tower  |  Enric Massip  |  Barcelona



Valentina Pepe  |  Journalist  |  Design d'

“Spanish photographer David Cardelús is a true master in grasping and capturing through his lens the architecture of the city, creating eclectic images, artistic and extremely communicative. His photographs focus on geometry, colors and details that give us all the flavor of the landscapes of his beloved Spain".


Luis armando Plaz  |  Publisher  |  Hábitat Plus Magazine

“Our #87 issue opens the pages of the Refuge section with an exclusive interview by our press team to the photographer and Catalan maestro David Cardelús. His work oriented towards architecture seems to show the skin of each structure, delineated in a masterly way, creating a unique photographic concept which has earned him a great deal of international recognition".


Peter Barnes  |  ARCHITECTURAL PHOTOGRAPhER  |  Adelaide, australia

“I can highly recommend David’s workshop on architectural photography. If you are an aspiring architectural photographer, or a professional looking to lift your skills several notches, it is worth getting to Barcelona to spend time with David. He generously shares his 25+ years of experience in this area, along with a well thought out intellectual framework on which he bases his practice".


Radwa Omar  |  ARCHITECT  |  Cairo, Egypt

“I would like to thank Mr. David Cardelús, the workshop was excellent, highly professional yet thoroughly enjoyable. I learnt so much in just two days, but more than that I came away feeling inspired. The whole shooting experience and locations were really great. He has an incredible knowledge and vision, and taught me how to look at things differently. Mr. David photographs expose architectures’ achievements, and will always be my source of inspiration”.


Raquel Cohen  |  SCULPTOR

“My work, sculptures with light, is a headache for photographers as it is very difficult to achieve a balance between the color of the pieces and the light they emanate. They require a fine eye and the ability to look for clever solutions in order to resolve this subtle equilibrium. David was able to capture this as no other photographer in the years that we have worked together. Patient, careful, and generous with the extra time that this requires, he has always pleased and surprised me with his photos of my work".



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