Architectural photography by numbers


Why should an architect commission a photographer to interpret his work in photographs ? What is the purpose of investing time, money and resources in this ?

If you've ever visited this blog before you'll probably know that one of the ideas that has encouraged and inspired my work as an architectural photographer for many years says that architectural photography is a matter of persuasion.

Maybe you even know me in person or you have attended one of my lectures and you also know that everything that I actively do as a professional to be consistent with this idea I apply to enable the successful communication of the architectural projects I photograph.  

To achieve this, my approach to architectural photography is to create simple graphical images that appeal its observers for their pure plastic harmony of composition and that awaken in the viewers the need for further investigating on the architecture projects that my photographs represent.

Always and in any case I should get my photographs to attract the viewer so that he stops to look at them and to take his time to contemplate them because it is like this how an architectural photographer manages to establish the communication between the architecture project and its final audience.

If the architectural photography work is not rigorous, the public communication of the architectural project is completely meaningless and not profitable at all. In a situation like this, neither the photographer nor the architect have nothing to win and very much to lose in terms of their respective professional reputations.

Els Encants Flea Market  |  b720  |  Barcelona

These are the numbers for this photograph: it was published with five others in an article I proposed and was featured in late November on Designboom to reach a potential audience of 380.000 subscribers through its newsletter, 163.000 Twitter and 530.000 Facebook followers during one week. In its first day of publication only it reached 525 shares on Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, Linkedin and Stumbleupon plus 315 likes and 60 shares on Facebook.

Even more, on mid-December 2013 the post showcasing the complete Els Encants de Barcelona six photographs series where this photograph is included was selected as one of the top 10 Designboom’s reader submissions big stories of 2013. 

These are the largest and fastest impacts on the Internet and on social networks from a photograph created by me in all my professional career ever. The numbers that this interaction with thousands of viewers represent is what gives sense to the architectural photography work proposed as the professional communication of an architectural project.


David Cardelús