Buildings, shaping our souls


I have been interviewed by journalists Claire Yin and Zheng Du for DEEP World, one of China´s leading discovery and trends magazines, about my architectural photography work.

They have extensively asked me many questions about how I look at architecture and urban landscape and how I photograph it that they have condensed in one article that you can read on a PDF on its Chinese original version here. I am sure that you will enjoy their really professional work and I do thank them very much because it is always fantastic to get the attention of the media and having the opportunity to showcase my photographs, this time in China. 

I have posted here a short excerpt of the Chinese text introducing the article and selected two of Claire and Zheng’s questions that I feel they best represent my intent as an architectural photographer.

Las Arenas  |  Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners  |  Barcelona

建筑,塑造着我们的灵魂.  大卫·卡德鲁斯.

建筑大师弗兰克• 劳埃德• 赖特说 过:“如果没有我们自己的建筑,我们也就失去了灵魂和自己的文 明。”建筑,是我们的生活空间,也是我们精神世界的外化。我国建 筑学家梁思成也持类似看法,倡言 用建筑改造社会、革新民风 致力于沉淀、美化城市建筑,以优化城 市人的精神载体。

受访者简介:大卫·卡德鲁斯(David Cardelús, 1967)  年生于巴塞罗那,毕业于巴塞罗那大学艺术与设计专业,是一名资深建筑摄影师,专注于当代建筑摄影,作品两次入围欧洲建筑摄影奖。他注意领会极简主义作品的精髓,并为拍摄建筑而提炼出独特的视角。现居巴塞罗那,同时环游欧、美各国摄影、创作。

Sant Pau Hospital  |  Domènech i Montaner  |  Barcelona

Q: You were raised in Barcelona and you have been living there for years. Barcelona has countless amazing buildings, have you ever experienced one moment, when weather and light were perfect, you pushed your window and saw an incredible scene? If there was one, could you describe it?

A: I usually find these kind of perfect harmony moments in the urban landscape, when just walking around the city looking carefully at it with my mind and my eyes wide open. After many years of photographing the city, I have learned to anticipate these ideal moments and I actually wait and look for them, many times at the precise instant of sunset when light and color are clean and immaculate. I should say that this a really useful exercise for training a photographer’s look.   

Q: After many years of taking photographs, do you think photographing has endowed you any life philosophy or an attitude of life?

A: I have learned that there is far more to see in the world than that what you just see with your naked eyes. Choosing a precise frame with a camera means interpreting the world from your personal unique way of seeing it as a photographer and share it with other people. I have learned that all art is a matter of igniting the spark of an endless dialogue between the reality, the photographer and the viewer because we all see the world in different ways.

David Cardelús