Exposure doesn't pay bills


The problems that photographers face for the misuse of their copyright are constantly increasing and seem to be far from stopping.

Among the problems that I have faced lately I've found myself in the situation of dealing with someone who has requested my photographs offering me a ridiculous price for my copyright with an aggressive "take it or leave it " attitude, or the awkward situation in which someone has not only asked me to use my photos for free but has also required me to sign a legal document to certify it.

But maybe the most painful situation of them all has been the terrible surprise of finding my photographs published without my permission and having to start the time consuming and absolutely enervating process of claiming responsibility for the publication and further payment and compensation for my copyright.

I have already mentioned before in another post in this blog how unpleasant being forced to manage these problems is and how much damage they cause in developing a professional career that deserves the very same respect as any other one.

The really sad thing about this is that this kind of complaints are becoming increasingly more common from photographers worldwide.

So in this post I want to mention the initiative of Italian photographer Enzo dal Verne, who has posted in his blog and shares through a creative commons license -I have also borrowed the clever title of his post- the animated short video that you can see below in which a resolute teddy photographer bear replicates each and every one of the attempts of an evil masked client bear to get his photographs for free.

I never thought that such a problem could be treated this way, but I can say that the loving teddy photographer bear seems to be very angry and that I feel I perfectly understand him.

David Cardelús