Modern architecture


The best architectural photography book I know and one that without a doubt I admit has most influenced my education as a photographer is William S. Saunders "Modern Architecture: Photographs by Ezra Stoller" book, first published in 1990 by Harry N. Abrams Inc. in New York.

Saunders writes in his foreword a detailed analysis onthe photographs that are beautifully printed in the book explaining Ezra Stoller’s unrelenting determination to find the very essence ofthe buildings he photographs, to find the precise idea in an architect's mind that gives them an unique vital force.

Stoller determination to establish this essentially ideal representation of the building is translated into compositions deliberately sober, simple and exact that remove from thephotographic frame anydistracting element that could hide the view of the building in its real best self.

Saunders mentions also in his preface Stoller’s patient and reflexive work to deeply understand the buildings he is photographing and he declares as the foundations of Stoller’s photographs essential artistic spirit the quality in the choice of vantage points and his purposeful use the of the best time and the best possible sunlight to successfully represent form and space.

CCCB  |  Viaplana & Piñon  |  Barcelona

Kursaal Auditorium  |  Rafael Moneo  |  Donostia

Stoller's use of light actually sculpts form and gives meaning to the space represented in his photographs. In the words of William S. Saunders, "revealing elementary components and strenghts prior to any fussy detailing or ornament".

It is this decided work to clearly see and find the essence of a building and representing it in a direct, simple and daringly bold way what confers Ezra Stoller’s photographs the artistic quality of artworks that are able to draw attention to themselves to propose a dialogue between the photographs and the people who observe and dive into them.

Ezra Stoller's photographs are in my opinion pure and simple abstraction and it is this timeless and powerful force what truly fascinates me.

After all, you always try to see far beyond from what the photographs themselves represent because, as Saunders quoted Stoller, "Photography is not reality."

David Cardelús