Photographing Els Encants flea market


The roof of the new flea market in Barcelona is a huge golden mirror that hangs over the city and catches it in all its colored glory.

The Fira de Bellcaire market, traditionally known in Barcelona as Els Encants, is located at the confluence of the Avinguda Meridiana and the Plaça de les Glories and accompanies other major buildings and public facilities of the city as the Agbar Tower, the National Theatre of Catalunya, the Auditorium and the Museum of Design DHUB .

The proposal by the office of b720 architects for Els Encants market is a continuous platform that behaves as a surface that runs on various levels housing all the trading activities that take place on the venue. The new market is a large covered public square that protects business of bad weather but that always at the same time retains the friendly feeling of buying outdoors.

The folded roof is the main iconic element of urban identification of the flea market and is the umbrella that shelters customers and vendors. Each structural module on the roof is carefully drawn with different inclinations to reflect light, atmosphere and landscape and to actually move the city into the market.

David Cardelús