Photographing retail architecture

Maybe the most difficult part of photographing retail architecture is arranging an ideal balance between all the elegantly designed merchandise that is shown in the picture and the architecture design itself.

The stylish dresses, shoes or beautiful jewelry from exclusive collections available in these fashion and luxury brands stores are not just commodities with price tags hanging but carefully crafted examples of the attractive identity that these brands are offering to their potential customers. 

The way of presenting these products in spaces that clearly unfold the full power of fascination of a luxury label and how the architect in charge of designing this space captures the brand’s corporate identity and develops it to create a unique environment that multiplies the shopper’s buying experience are the biggest challenges to interpret in images as seen from an architectural photographer’s point of view.



Coherence with both the architect’s intent and the spirit of the brand are the two main aspects that you have to always consider when photographing retail architecture on flagship stores and shopping malls: you have to look in your photographs for the exact proportion between the architect’s style marks and the completely unique identity of the brand your client architect or project manager is working for. 

Keeping consistency with the brand’s corporate identity is vital when photographing retail architecture because these distinct features that build the brand’s exclusive personality work nowadays on a global market scheme and can be found all over the world.  

The question for the photographer is not only working to make the communication of an architectural design –a flagship store in this case– succeed. The photographer has to also achieve that nothing in his photographs works against the architecture project, ie, that nothing goes against the brand’s identity. 

If finally all the parties involved in the development of a new flagship store or shopping mall can all recognize themselves in the images that represent it, the work of the architectural photographer and the project communication will be a successful one.

David Cardelús