The photographer's eye


What is the use of architectural photography? What can a professional photographer do for your architectural project?

To properly answer these questions I have to begin my statement by saying that the vast majority of the architectural projects that we all know and see in books, magazines, blogs or social networks on the internet, we first know them by its photographic representation.

This is specially true if we think for a moment about any architectural firm’s website and realize that it is working for 24 hours every day of the week all over the world making this firm’s projects available to an incredibly huge potential audience: these architectural projects will be known through the photographs that represent them and, through these photographs, people will also get to know the people that designed these fantastic new projects.

La Granja Escalator  |  Lapeña & Torres  |  Toledo

The professional photographic representation of an architectural project is the final required step of all the stages that make up the architecture design process immediately prior to its promotional diffusion in every possible advertising, publishing and social networking platforms: the architectural photographs decisively determine how to present the ideas that the project proposes to the general public and the ways to attract the viewers who contemplate these enticing images to affect them.

Architectural photographs are intended to first catch the viewer’s attention with a simple and direct language. To second,  properly describe and explain the project and to third, decisively influence the observers who look at them.

Keep in mind, although, that the real purpose of architectural photographs is not in any case to merely document a project: since these photographs are created to propose and convey the ideas of an architect that has decisively transformed a small part of the world and a photographer who is making these revolutionary ideas visible, architectural photographs are always images conceived to to show the project it in its best and most powerful way to provide the viewer with the right keys to interpret it.

Architectural photography is nothing else but a matter of persuasion.


David Cardelús