Interior Design

Architectural photographs are always images conceived to to show an interior design project in its best and most powerful way to provide the viewer with the right keys to interpret it.

Implementing this strategy photographing the works of Catalan interior designer Agustí Costa since 1997 has resulted in a successful communication that has allowed the studio to reach new markets and discriminating new potential clients.



Culell Apartment  |  Agustí Costa  |  Berga, Barcelona

Sant Pere Apartment  |  Josep Llobet  |  Barcelona


GSX House  |  Agustí Costa  |  Berga, Barcelona


Roser Street Apartment  |  Agustí Costa  |  Berga, Barcelona

Vilada House  |  Agustí Costa  |  Vilada, Barcelona

Vilada House  |  Agustí Costa  |  Vilada, Barcelona

ICMAN Engineering  |  Agustí Costa  |  Manresa, Barcelona