a newly revealed dialogue

The urban landscape has always fascinated David, in particular the interaction between architects and planners with their built environment, and the subtle or dramatic interventions they can achieve.

Equally, David is drawn to the effects wrought by the way in which the fabric of a city undergoes a constant metamorphosis – whether in response to an entirely new structure, or sequence of structures. It is these shifts in texture that make a city, and the buildings within it, so mesmeric to the photographer’s sensibility.

It is the hidden qualities lying behind the immediate shapes and silhouettes of a city skyline that have the real graphic, plastic appeal – the lines, shapes, colors and textures scattered throughout the urban landscape. It is these quasi-invisible elements of the city that continually attract David, a sense of mystery evident throughout his portfolio and again, the key into a composition may be the bare, essential shapes and solid colours of a building, sculpted, imposed on the cityscape.

Through his camera, David engages in a continuous, humming urban dialogue, attuned to the simple, harmonic composition of colours, shapes and textures characteristic of a dynamic urban environment.

Technically, David uses a wide range of resources, always alive to the potential of a particular composition, its contrast and textures, which he interrogates and calibrates in the minutest detail.

David’s aspiration is to achieve an ‘art print’ which exactly translates the initial thrill of a successful shoot. His preoccupation with a sense of newly revealed dialogue is inspired by the works of Edward Weston, Paul Strand and Ezra Stoller.