Photographing architectural heritage is no different from looking at it with the very same attention and the same rigor as we do with  contemporary architecture: the goal in both cases is to look for and synthesize the elements that make a work of architecture a masterpiece that lasts over time.

David has photographed some UNESCO World Heritage Sites on the effort of communicating the works of architects like Antoni Gaudí and Lluís Domènech i Montaner. 



Batlló House  |  Antoni Gaudí  |  Barcelona

75, Pàdua Street  |  Jeroni Granell  |  Barcelona

Sant Pau Hospital  |  Domènech i Montaner  |  Barcelona

Batlló House  |  Antoni Gaudí  |  Barcelona


Gaudí Crypt  |  Antoni Gaudí  |  Sta. Coloma de Cervelló, Barcelona

Palace of the Generalitat of Catalonia  |  Pere Blai  |  Barcelona

Comalat House  |  Salvador Valeri  |  Barcelona