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Contemporary Architecture

Architectural photographs are the vehicles that interpret in images the essential features that make a new project different and unique. Communication begins from an intentional photographer's look on an architecture project to make it first attractive and intelligible then.

David has worked for many national and international architecture firms, publishers and companies supporting their marketing and public relations strategies. His photographs for the London office of Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners were featured on the 2012 Civic Trust Awards.



Indra HQ Building  |  b720  |  Barcelona

Santa Caterina Market  |  EMBT  |  Barcelona


Zero Zero Tower  |  Enric Massip  |  Barcelona

CNMC Building  |  Batlle & Roig  |  Barcelona

Barcelona Suites Hotel  |  Toyo Ito  |  Barcelona

Pompeu Fabra University Campus  |  Valls & Benedito  |  Barcelona


Olympus HQ Building  |  RCR  |  Barcelona



Interior Design

Architectural photographs are always images conceived to to show an interior design project in its best and most powerful way to provide the viewer with the right keys to interpret it.

Implementing this strategy photographing the works of Catalan interior designer Agustí Costa since 1997 has resulted in a successful communication that has allowed the studio to reach new markets and discriminating new potential clients.



Culell Apartment | Agustí Costa | Berga, Barcelona

Roser Street Apartment | Agustí Costa | Berga, Barcelona


GSX House | Agustí Costa | Berga, Barcelona


Viladomat Street Apartment | Josep Llobet | Barcelona

Sant Pere Apartment | Josep Llobet | Barcelona

Vilada House | Agustí Costa | Vilada, Barcelona

Vilada House | Agustí Costa | Vilada, Barcelona

Vilada House | Agustí Costa | Vilada, Barcelona

Culell Apartment | Agustí Costa | Berga, Barcelona

Roser Street Studio  | Agustí Costa | Berga, Barcelona

Roser Street Studio | Agustí Costa | Berga, Barcelona




Photographing architectural heritage is no different from looking at it with the very same attention and the same rigor as we do with  contemporary architecture: the goal in both cases is to look for and synthesize the elements that make a work of architecture a masterpiece that lasts over time.

David has photographed some UNESCO World Heritage Sites on the effort of communicating the works of architects like Antoni Gaudí and Lluís Domènech i Montaner. 



Batlló House | Antoni Gaudí | Barcelona

75, Pàdua Street | Jeroni Granell | Barcelona

Sant Pau Hospital | Domènech i Montaner | Barcelona

Batlló House | Antoni Gaudí | Barcelona


Gaudí Crypt | Antoni Gaudí | Sta. Coloma de Cervelló, Barcelona

Palace of the Generalitat of Catalonia | Pere Blai | Barcelona

El Capricho | Antoni Gaudí | Comillas, Cantabria

Comalat House | Salvador Valeri | Barcelona

Gaudí Crypt | Antoni Gaudí | Sta. Coloma de Cervelló, Barcelona



Retail Architecture

Coherence with both the architect’s intent and the spirit of the brand are the two main aspects that you have to always consider when photographing retail architecture on flagship stores and shopping malls. Finding a proper balance between the architect’s style marks and the completely unique brand’s corporate identity is the key.

David has photographed Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Armani, Dior and Ermenegildo Zegna boutiques in major cities of the world like New York, Paris and London for the office of Peter Marino Architect PLLC –black and white versions from color originals displayed here–.


Louis Vuitton Rodeo Drive | Peter Marino | Los Angeles

Chanel Avenue Montaigne | Peter Marino | Paris

Fred Place Vendôme | Peter Marino | Paris

Louis Vuitton Fifth Avenue | Peter Marino | New York


Armani Fifth Avenue | Peter Marino | New York


Louis Vuitton Via Montenapoleone | Peter Marino | Milan

Louis Vuitton New Bond Street | Peter Marino | London

Chanel Spring Street | Peter Marino | New York

Chanel Spring Street | Peter Marino | New York

Dior Via Condotti | Peter Marino | Roma

Louis Vuitton Avenue Montaigne | Peter Marino | Paris



Urban Landscape

The City


Architectural Photography in Barcelona



Urban Landscape

Finding the simplest plastic qualities on the continuously changing and rapidly transforming urban landscape is what makes the city a fascinating subject for architectural photography. Contemporary architecture is essentially graphic and truly determined in the way it dialogues with the urban landscape.

David's architectural photography work has been recognized with a honorable mention on the Cityscapes category on the 2013 International Photography Awards.



Catalan Association of Economists  |  Roldan & Berengue  |  Barcelona

Illa del Mar Building  |  Martínez & Sisternas  |  Barcelona

Forum Solar Plant   |  Lapeña & Torres  |  Barcelona

Forum Solar Plant  |  Lapeña & Torres  |  Barcelona

Els Encants Flea Market  |  b720  |  Barcelona


City of Justice  |  David Chipperfield  |  Barcelona

Pompeu Fabra University Campus  |  Valls & Benedito  |  Barcelona




Bring your camera to Barcelona

What is the distinctive quality that makes a photograph of a building to stand out among the thousands uploaded to the internet every day to become an attractive and unique architectural photography that seduces you and that you can’t stop contemplating?

It is clear that the vast majority of the architecture projects that we get to know today we first know them through the photographs that represent them in books, magazines, blogs and social media and that it is the plastic and communicative power that these architecture images do transmit the one that truly determines the success of both the project public diffusion as well as the photographer’s appreciation.

Professional architectural photography is a committed work of communication and it is its primary mission to subtetly disclose reality and to express a new vision of the architecture project in the strongest possible manner to reveal the unique essence of a building and representing it in a direct, simple and daringly bold way.

That’s how good architectural photography achieves the plastic quality of artworks that are able to draw attention to themselves and how they propose a new and enticing dialogue between the image and the viewer with just only the final intent of attracting his attention and seducing him.


Individual workshops

Are you a photography student, an architect or a photo enthusiast visiting Barcelona soon? Come on then and join David any time of the year for a custom individualized two days 16 hours workshop in Barcelona.

David will share with you the insights of his architectural photography workflow and will teach you how to approach your architecture photographs to transform them in powerful communication tools with that distinctive plastic quality: we will discuss different assignment and personal images considering aesthetic, technical and communicative aspects related to them and we will take time to evaluate your photographs.

Benefit from a completely individualized attention and treatment in which we will adapt and reinforce your course content as it progresses to satisfy your curiosity and your professional concerns in an open and lively debate.


Price: € 575 ’00



Agbar Tower  |  Jean Nouvel  |  Barcelona

Pompeu Fabra University Campus  |  Valls & Benedito  |  Barcelona

199, Diagonal Avenue Building  |  Blanch & Conca  |  Barcelona

Cuatrecasas HQ Building  |  Lapeña & Torres  |  Barcelona


Walking tours at Barcelona’s 22@ district

Take a 3 hours walking tour with David through Barcelona’s 22@ district, bring your camera with you and learn some introductory ideas on the plastic and communicative power of architectural photography.

Photograph the amazing projects by Jean Nouvel, David Chipperfield, b720, Enric Ruiz-Geli and others that have sowed the district with eye catching new shapes, colors and textures that are completely surprising for any easily impressed architecture lover.

Price: € 120 ’00


Portfolio review  |  Consulting

Are you interested in learning what aspects to improve or highlight in your new professional architectural photography portfolio?

If you are a college student or a recent photography graduate visiting Barcelona and want to have an expert opinion about your architectural photographs and its potential, send David an e-mail to arrange a two-hour session in which we will review your portfolio and discuss its strengths and weaknesses.

We can also arrange your portfolio review via Skype or Google Hangouts if you prefer it. 

Price: € 100 ’00

All secure payments processed via PayPal.
Taxes apply for Spanish citizens.


Please get in touch for further details, checking availability and booking dates for your custom individualized workshop or portfolio consultation.


Phone: (+ 00 34) 93 458 46 92



 communicating Heritage



A professional portfolio



Antoni Gaudí

photographing Architecture masterpieces for communication

David has been commissioned to photograph some works by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí for the communication of the companies that manage the buildings, most of them listed in the catalog of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites.

The connection between Gaudí and Barcelona determines that the photographs are continuously published on the internet and social networks and are potentially visible anywhere in the world anytime of the day.

This means that the greatest communication effort when photographing Gaudí's work and collaborating in creating the brand image of Barcelona is to make these photographs easily interpretable all over the world understanding that its greatest value today is their availability online to take advantage of the global impact that a a photograph created with intention can achieve.




Palau Güell  |  Antoni Gaudí  |  Barcelona

Batlló House  |  Antoni Gaudí  |  Barcelona


Gaudí Crypt  |  Antoni Gaudí  |  Sta. Coloma de Cervelló, Barcelona

Palau Güell  |  Antoni Gaudí  |  Barcelona

El Capricho  |  Antoni Gaudí  |  Comillas, Cantabria

Batlló House  |  Antoni Gaudí  |  Barcelona