Architectural photography is a collaborative work of communication: architectural photographs are intended to catch the viewer’s attention with a simple and direct language, to properly describe and explain an architecture project and to decisively influence the observers who look at them.

Two facts implement an effective and profitable communication of a new architecture project: first, the vast majority of the architecture projects that we know we first know by the photographs that represent them. Second, the natural environment in which the life of photographs happens is the internet.



Vodafone HQ Building  |  Dominique Perrault  |  Barcelona


Every effort that we make to create compelling photographs that represent an architecture project are always intended to seduce the viewers that contemplate them to convince them that our work –that of architects and designers, but also that of photographers ...– is the best in its class and, therefore, excellence is a must.

Puig HQ Building  |  Rafael Moneo  |  Barcelona


The professional photographic representation of an architecture project is the last vital and necessary step of all the stages that make up its journey immediately preceding their public diffusion in every possible digital or printed media. A clear and straightforward communication is the real intent.